Sunday, March 22, 2009

Online games, is it good for students??

Have you play an online game in your life?? If you never try to play it, you will never know how interesting it was. There are a lot of online games that can be played by people all around the world. Some online games that are always play by UMP students are Ragnarok Online , Travian Online, Trible War and others. I have play Travian Online game and it is very interesting online game because it was very easy and simple. Actually it all about strategy game and the player have to build up their territory with all buildings and defensive unit to protect their town. Players also can attack another town with their attacking units. We can make up our own team in this online game and planning to defend the group members from other attackers. Other than that, we can chatting with our allies and send a letter (mail) directly to them. This made a connection with other society and not became a boring game. The question here, is it good for students?? Actually it depends on players itself. If they know how to divide time wisely between games and study period, I guess there are no problems with playing online games. However, you are in big problems if you become online game’s addict and not focusing on your study!! So, only the one who have strong determination can play online games. My advice, don’t ever try to play online games if you can’t focus on study.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Link between Egypt and Americas?

Have you ever thought that Egypt and Americas are link together a long time ago?? Is it true that both countries have contact during thousand years ago? According to the official view there was no contact between the Old World and the New World before Columbus. Yet numerous similarities have been found that suggest a link between Egypt and the Americas:

· Both have huge pyramids, aligned to the cardinal points

· Both have structures built with megalithic stones and extremely fine joints

· Both exhibit intriguing bumps on many unfinished stone blocks

· Both employed a unique style of construction using "L" shaped corners

· Both use the same style of metal clamps to hold the huge stones in place

· Both used the process of mummification to preserve and honor their dead

These compelling similarities suggest that both ancient cultures were influenced by a sophisticated common source. So, what is your opinion??

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Devil's Town

Do you know what kind of town is this?? For sure you will thinks about a ghost’s town or old town with scary rumors. Actually it just a town which have weird’s name. Đavolja Varoš (meaning "Devil's Town") is a geographical region of south Serbia, by the Radan mountains near Kuršumlija. The region features exotic formations described as earth pyramids. Scientists say that they have been formed by erosion.

Since 1959, Djavolja Varos has been under protection of the state and by a 1995 decision of the Serbian Government, it was proclaimed a natural good of outstanding importance and put under the first-category level of protection.

A natural spring is located beneath the pyramids and has a high mineral concentration. There are two springs: “Djavolja voda” (“Devil’s Water”), with extremely high acid water (pH 1.5) and high mineral concentration (15 g/l of water), and “Crveno vrelo” (“Red Well”).

Djavolja varos is a nominee in the New Seven Wonders of Nature election, and it is 15th from 77 candidates, but first wonder in Europe, and first in Rocky Formation, that is officially supported. So, it was incredible nature that could not be happen under normal condition. Hence, we should appreciate this kind of world’s heritage.